Long Island Upholstery Cleaning, Bridal Gown Preservation, and More

Arthur Copeland is a premier dry cleaning business in Long Island—upholstery cleaning, garment cleaning and repair, custom tailoring and more are just some of the expert services we offer at our long-standing storefront. Whether you’re searching “purse repair near me” or are in need of a dry cleaner you can trust with your most coveted designer garments, Arthur Copeland ranks among the most reliable providers of everything from suit tailoring to drapery cleaning, NYC. We promise professional, good quality service every single time you visit us.

Couture Cleaning

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Hand Dry Cleaning & Fine Dry Cleaning

Your delicate fabrics need gentle handling – we carefully clean those special items that require a fine touch. Our hand cleaning will ensure your delicate fabrics are cleaned with the utmost care.

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Your wedding dress is sure to remain the focus of attention for the years to come and therefore utmost care should be taken to clean it - we do exactly that! We clean your gown with the utmost care to ensure all your special memories are preserved.

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Suits & Ties

A gentleman's suits & ties are not just another clothing article. They project veracity and finesse in any occasion. Feel confident and fresh wherever you go with your hand-finished suits and ties. Having witnessed over eight decades of high-end fashion, your expensive suits & ties are best taken care of by the time-tested experts of high-end cleaning in Long Island and New York City.

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Alterations & Weaving

We provide deluxe alteration services to make you feel comfortable in your clothes again. Sometimes finding clothes that fit just right isn't easy but we are here whenever you need the best alterations. Offering on-call alterations and repairs at the comfort of your own home or business.

With invisible weaving, our team can fix moth holes, pulls, burns and tears without a mark. Experience the best quality custom tailoring in Long Island & NYC.

As your Long Island dry cleaning partner, we hand clean your delicate wear to ensure optimal care. Once your wedding is over, we help preserve your wedding memories by cleaning your bridal dress in the most impeccable way possible. We clean your shirts, suits, and ties with unmatched care. So you never need to lose your favorite garments, our nearly invisible stitches will mask worn out or torn garments.

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Hand Laundered Shirts

Your shirts are a big reflection of your identity. Be it 100 percent cotton or any other premium fabric, we delicately clean to make your shirts look as flawless as how you bought them.


We offer cleaning and repairs for all of your favorite accessories, as well as expert glazing to keep furs looking soft and new.

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Suede & Leather

Highly specialized cleaning care is required as dyes used in certain leather and suede garments can be sensitive. You should not risk cleaning them – leave it to us to bring back the luster and the feel of naturalness. To keep them fresh throughout the year, why not store them in our environmentally controlled storage facilities?

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Fur Cleaning & Glazing

Furs need to be delicately handled as they are soiled easily due to weather, sweat, dust or food. Make sure your fur is cleaned every year to protect your investment - we specialize in taking care of your fur cleaning needs. It isn’t every day you need your furs – preserve them in our environmentally controlled storage facilities.

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Handbags & Shoes

While a cursory cleaning of your handbags and shoes will serve you well, our professional cleaning will make them as good as new.

Interior Fabrics

For linen and carpet cleaning, Nassau County and the five boroughs, no one does it better. We also provide exceptional alterations of existing linens and draperies as well as custom upholstering.

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Bed & Table Linens

Who doesn’t like to slip in a bed having fresh linen, or sit across a table laid with an impeccably clean table cloth? We pride ourselves in giving you the comfort of having clean bed and table linens.

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Draperies & Upholstery

It needs professional handling to clean your draperies and upholstery. We understand your fabrics to make sure they do not shrink or stretch when cleaned and feel as good as new when we return them back to you.

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Your carpets need to be regularly cleaned to remove allergens, dust and dirt. A beautiful carpet can turn ugly with a simple stain. With decades of experience, we bring your carpets back to life, clean and fresh.

Specialized Cleaning and Services

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Keeping up with the fashion of each season is always fun. However, eventually you just don’t have enough space to store everything from one season, while you’re wearing the next season’s fashion. Don’t sacrifice your style because of a lack of storage space each season. Let us keep your clothes safe for as long as you need.

One of its kind in Long Island—your one-stop storage provider in environmentally controlled facilities for your off-season garments, or restoring your fabrics or household items from blemishes that will make them good as new.

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A flood or fire can have devastating effects on all aspects of your life. Let us make sure that your clothes are not one of them. We can revive almost any piece of clothing with our safe and effective environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

Delivery & Pick-Up

For your convenience, we offer at-home delivery and pick-up throughout NYC and Long Island. Schedule a pick-up today.