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New Yorkers: if you’re searching for “Linen Cleaning Services Near Me,” then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

There’s nothing like the look and feel of bed linens that have been freshly cleaned and pressed. At Arthur Copeland Cleaners, we have the knowledge and experience to care for your linens and to ensure their extended lifespan. From antique tablecloths to mattress cleaning, NYC residents know we’ll get their linens looking their very best.

Bed Linens and Mattress Cleaning—Long Island

We know that excellent bed linen is an investment, and we know how to properly care for your investment so you get the most out of it. Delicate fabrics can be easily ruined if not attended to with expertise and precision. At Arthur Copeland, we specialize in the details of fine linens. Any embroidery and embellishment will be looked over with skillful meticulousness, ensuring every element of your bed linen is perfect. Whether you want to have them boxed or hung, they will come back looking and smelling as crisp as they did the day you brought them.

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Table Linens

Great table linen brings every table together and adds that unperceived flair to any dinner party. Great table linen also sells for what it’s worth, and you don’t want to ruin your investment by trusting its cleaning to the average cleaner. Let Arthur Copeland Cleaners use our expertise in fine garments to clean every inch of your linen, without risking damage to the fabric or embellishments. You want your table linen looking perfect for every occasion, and we specialize in making sure it looks as good as the first day it was used.

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Customer Impressions

” Arthur Copeland Cleaners is a life saver! After attempting to spot clean a black and white striped 3000 count thread bed linen, the sheet ended up covered in stains when the black dye bled onto the white stripes. I took it to Arthur Copeland and within a week, they had removed 100% of the stains and now the sheet is in perfect condition! They have excellent customer service and will walk you through the steps they took to clean any item (and give you tips on how to avoid this kind of disaster in the future). I would highly recommend them! ” – John Kalashian