There is a difference between machine pressing and hand pressing. At Arthur Copeland, we launder your shirts by hand to ensure perfect results.
There are many reasons why you should never settle for anything less than the skill and care Arthur Copeland provides:
  • Most of our competitors use high-volume machine presses – a process that will fatigue your shirts.
  • We carefully inspect each shirt for stains, which are cleaned appropriately with a small batch wash and warm water, then pressed using hand irons.
  • Buttons on your shirts are checked and are never returned damaged or chipped.
We recommend that starch not be used, as it will cause the fabric of your shirt to prematurely wear. There is no margin for error when handling silk ties. The slightest mistake during the cleaning process could mean ruin for your tie. Entrust your ties to the caring hands of professionals and let Arthur Copeland handle your tie cleaning needs. Be it spilled wine from a night on the town or everyday wear, Arthur Copeland can assure you that your tie will be restored perfectly.

Customer Impressions

” You will definitely get your money’s worth here. It is not a budget cleaners, but the quality of the service is remarkable. It’s like they do magic to clean your clothes! I had a shirt with a large stain on it, and after taking it to Arthur Copeland it came out stainless, flawless, just like new. ” – Rezwan Chowdhury