The best in the 5 towns and one of the 10 best in the country . If you spend money on good clothing you don’t go anywhere else.
Jodie L.


Arthur Copeland provides outstanding cleaning service for your wardrobe and for your home. Having traveled across the globe, I can always count on Arthur Copeland to go the extra mile to clean and to restore my best pieces so that they can be worn with confidence, stored for later use, or packed for travel looking just cleaned. Three cheers for Arthur Copeland!
Denisr F.


Used this location to clean my wife’s wedding dress. The price that I was quoted was more expensive than other cleaners in the area, but I was sold by the no chemical treatment they use and the fact that they specialize in gowns. I was very pleased with how the dress came out. The only hiccup that occurred is that I asked for a Saturday pickup via appointment, and the person I was supposed to meet was 15 mins late. Other than that, it was a great experience.
Jerett G.


They are miraculous!!! I brought in a Christening gown, dress and bonnet that was 62 y.o. that was in poor poor condition, and ready for the trash. They restored it to its original condition and is absolutely beautiful and ready for my Granddaughter to wear on her special day. Thx you so much and for even delivering to my doorstep! D. Michels
William M.