How to Prevent Drape Maintenance from Being a Drag

Drapes are often overlooked as the centerpiece of a well-designed room. They not only add to a proper lighting balance; they also dramatically set the tone for a room’s style. It’s important, then, that your curtains and drapes are kept vital so that a vivid atmosphere is not hampered by dust or distress. Having your dry cleaner take a look at them once every couple of years is a great way to keep your room looking bright and stylish. A good dry cleaner can even do it right in your home, which is helpful for heavy or permanently-installed drapery.

Sunlight is a major culprit for drape decay. UV rays can dry out and damage sensitive fabrics, and even fade darker colors. A common way to prevent this is to use curtain lining, which will act as a barrier against sunlight, but UV window tinting can also add years of life to your window dressing in hotter climates. Regular maintenance from your dry cleaner will keep colors and fabrics healthy.

Window dressings should be cleaned to eliminate odors, preserve colors, and remove minor stains, which can accumulate over time. Curtains, which are often lighter and easier to manage than drapes, can be sometimes be laundered at home, depending on the fabric. The care label will let you know the best approach, but the simplest solution—especially with drapes, which are bulkier and more challenging to care for—is to seek guidance from a professional dry cleaner. Trying to clean them on your own can result in bleeding colors, snagged embellishments, and mistreated fabrics.

Pressing curtains and drapes maintains their shape and keeps them looking fresh, but it is a delicate process that can easily result in damage. A good reason to take them to the dry cleaner rather than attempting this yourself is that professionals can use a starch solution to keep creases crisp, meaning less maintenance on your part.