Best Dressed at This Year’s Oscars

The 2018 Oscars has come and gone. Now it’s time to check out the best dressed of this year’s Oscars. Below are our favorite picks:


  • Jennifer Lawrence: With a fashionable gunmetal beaded Dior gown with loose waves and Niwaka diamonds, she was an easy choice for best dressed.
  • Lupita Nyong’o: She absolutely rocked the red carpet with her golden Atelier Versace gown and Niwaka jewelry.
  • Emma Stone: She kept it classic with a custom Louis Vuitton and fine jewelry.
  • Zendaya: She wore a gorgeous one-sleeve brown Giambattista Valli Haute Couture with stunning Bulgari Jewelry.
  • Lakeith Stanfield: He kept it professional with a navy custom-made Ermenegildo Zegna Couture tuxedo. It was even created from sustainable materials!
  • Helen Mirren: She wore a sleek and simple navy Reem Acra with Harry Winston diamonds and sapphires.
  • Eiza Gonzalez: She wore a sexy bright yellow Ralph Lauren Collection gown with Chopard jewelry.
  • Rita Moreno: Can you believe she actually wore the same exact gown she wore when she won an Oscar in 1962!?

These were our picks for best dressed! We hope you agree.


Your Ski Clothes Need Special Attention

Ski clothes are special. They aren’t your average puffed up jacket/pants with extra feathers or your average waterproof jacket either. They were made to withstand some of the most toughest conditions one might face when skiing. Such as snow flakes hitting you at high speed, falling into snow, keeping you warm despite extreme cold temperatures.

As you can see, these conditions could never be handled by average consumer wear. These are special clothing and ski clothes come with some certain conditions for cleaning as well. You can’t just toss them into the washer and call them a day. You need to have it professionally taken cared of by a professional dry cleaner. They know what to do and how to do it. You can easily damage ski clothing if you don’t know how to take care of them. Hence, it is highly recommended you take them to a professional dry cleaner.

Skiing season is only a short period of time. So why risk ruining your ski clothes by washing them yourself when you can easily make them last a decade by taking them to a professional dry cleaner.


Clean Your Furniture After Your Super Bowl Party

This seasons’ Super Bowl was one of the most exciting ones in recent history. However, if you’ve held a super bowl party this year, you’re going to have to clean your furniture. Whether you’re an Eagles fan or a Patriots fan, you’ll still need to ensure that your furniture is all cleaned up from the mess your guests may have made.

Cleaning all of your furniture yourself though, is not recommended. Each piece of furniture requires knowing precisely how to clean them depending on make, model, and materials used. To handle all furniture the same way can cause your furniture to suffer long-term damages over time. Wiping over furniture with a simple damp cloth doesn’t ensure that all dirt, stains, and sweat/oils have been removed. In fact, you might allow them to sink further into your furniture and dirty them even more.

Calling a professional dry cleaner to come over and handle all your furniture needs is the best way to ensure that all of your furniture have been properly cleaned. Only professional dry cleaners understand the best practices and methods needed to clean all types of furniture.


Best Dressed at The Grammy Awards 2018

The Grammys is the time of year were many celebrities tend to dress their best. 2018 was no different. Let’s take a look at some of the best dressed at The Grammy Awards 2018:

  • Miley Cyrus: She wore a very classy black Jean Paul Gaultier jumpsuit with matching sandals.


  • Zayn Malik: He wore a very professional dusty pink tuxedo that was very unique and elegant. (Pictured)


  • Camilla Cabello: She wore a gorgeous heart shaped red silk scarlet gown with a cool disco-ball purse.


  • Lady Gaga: She wore a black patterned Armani Privé gown which contrasted well with her bleach blonde hair.


  • Cardi B: She wore a very stylish and fashionable pick-colored piece from Ashi Studio’s couture collection along with Messika jewellery and Christain Louboutin court heels.


Now is the Perfect Weather for Furs!

As we’re midway into the winter season, now is the perfect time to clean and wear your furs. Furs are one of the best ways to keep yourself warm during this unforgiving, cold winter. However, just like all types of clothing, furs need to be regularly protected in order for it to preserved for a lifetime. 

Furs have natural hairs which require regular restoration of their oils. If their oils aren’t regularly restored, the hairs become rough and brittle and break off. Stains from food, sweat, etc. also need to be taken cared of professionally. You cannot just toss your furs into the washer and give it a spin nor can you just take them to a regular dry cleaner. Fur coats need to be taken to a professional dry cleaner to ensure that they are being taken cared for properly. 

Professional dry cleaners know how to care for your furs. When assessing how to clean furs, they look into the quality of the fur to determine the best method of cleaning available. They will also restore the fur‘s natural oils even if they are almost completely gone. Professional dry cleaners even know how to store furs properly and safely when spring comes around and people are looking to save space in their apartments. 

Take your furs to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the lifelong protection that it needs.

Stay Protected from the Cold by Cleaning Your Coats

As we are experiencing near-record breaking cold it’s important to start thinking about ways to protect yourself. Meteorologists have already warned that the extreme cold is enough to cause frostbite within minutes of having your skin exposed to the cold air. Cleaning your coats is one way to stay protected during this harsh winter season.

One of the best ways to ensure warmth is to ensure your coats are in order. Coats need to be preserved properly for them to protect you from the elements. Depending on the material of your coat, some need to be cleaned sooner than others.

Taking your coats to a professional dry cleaner is the only way to ensure they your coats will be taken cared of the right way. Professional dry cleaners know how to clean your coats depending on the designer, material, and color of the coat. You don’t want to be unprepared for the winter just because you mistreated your coats trying to clean them at home.

Cleaning your coats by taking them to a professional dry cleaner is the only way to stay protected from the cold.


Keeping Your Home Clean After the Holidays

Hosted dinners and parties during the holidays? As much fun as it was, you knew that keeping your home clean afterwards would be a chore. From drink stains all over your sofas and chairs to the messes that children make all over your carpet and curtains, it’s going to take a lot of time getting your place cleaned the way it was before the holidays.

Therefore, we recommend you call in a professional dry cleaner who can come in at your convenience and take care of all that cleaning for you! Professional dry cleaners can take care of your upholstery, your carpets, your furniture (outdoors and indoors), table linens, and more. Even if you think you can handle everything all by yourself, there are many benefits to having a professional dry cleaner handle it.

For starters, professional dry cleaners have professional equipment that can keep you home clean in a professional manner. Certain things, such as table linens, don’t return to their original quality after washing because they weren’t cleaned with the proper care needed. Also, having professional dry cleaners handle everything for you just keeps the stress away after such a wonderful holiday season. They also save your time to focus on more important things in your life.


Make Sure Your Tablecloths Are cleaned for the Holidays!

Ah, the holidays. Some of the best holidays are coming up between now and the end of the year. Are you ready?  As you are preparing for the holidays, most people tend to forget a very important aspect of holiday preparations, tablecloths!

Yes, tablecloths are one of the most important aspects to any holiday preparations. If you’re looking to invite guests over for the holidays, clean and crisp tablecloths are a must. Tablecloths say a lot about the kind of person you are. Tablecloths with even the tiniest of stains can cause guests to believe that not only haven’t you taken proper hygienic care in cleaning your table, but how can they trust your food if your tablecloth is dirty? Even worse, they won’t even use your tablecloth to clean up after eating and probably won’t come back very often.

Wrinkled tablecloths show a lack of care for your guests. For people to feel confident in cleaning after themselves with your tablecloths, they need to see it as if it was brand new. Old and wrinkly tablecloths just don’t cut it, especially if you’ve invited guests that only come around once a year. Tablecloths also must be soft to the touch. Most tablecloths are rough due to most people just throwing them into their washing machine without any additional care.

Taking your tablecloths to a professional dry cleaner is the best way to ensure a fresh and clean tablecloth. They know how to handle tablecloths with care depending on the material they are made out of.

Don’t Let the Moths Eat Your Sweater!

Sweaters are best worn at this time of year. However, improper care of them can result in a few trips to the mall to find a new sweater. You see, moths are harmless to you and to everything else in your house but one thing that they love most? Wool and sweaters.

Moths eat the fabric off your sweaters which is what causes those random, perfectly circled holes in your clothing. Besides the visible damage that can sometimes be hard to repair perfectly, they also lay eggs on your sweaters! If hatched, more moths will be ready to eat more of your clothing.

Best thing to do is to ensure proper storage of your sweaters. Make sure you store them INSIDE your closets and not outside. Make sure they are cleaned routinely by taking them to professional dry cleaners. If your sweater has already been affected my moths, take them to a high-end professional dry cleaner who can expertly hide those holes, so you can still look sexy in your favorite winter sweaters. If spring comes around and you find that your sweaters are just taking too much valuable space in your closet, store them at a professional dry cleaners who knows how to store them professionally and in the correct environment – away from moths!

Take Care of Your Leathers!

True leather is a luxury material that is very durable in its functionality as well as stylish and fashionable. Leathers are also great to wear when you need to stay warm. However, as much as they are durable and stylish, they need constant maintenance to maintain their durability.

Leathers aren’t durable against the rain. Therefore, if you expose it to rain, it will ruin the quality of the leather. If this occurs, you must bring it to a professional dry cleaner to have them rejuvenate the leather and protect it from any damage. Stains must also be dealt with care. If it’s anything simple, a simple wipe should be find. But if the stain is a liquid or anything more difficult to remove, you must send it to a professional dry cleaner right away to ensure that the stain is removed professionally.

If your leather jacket is showing signs of wear and tear, do not attempt to cover it up with leather shoe shining materials! Those are meant only for shoes and are not the same type of leather used in jackets, pants, and other attires. If your leathers are worn out, take them to a professional dry cleaner with expertise on leather restoration. They will bring them back good as new!

Take your leathers to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the longevity of your leathers.


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